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Unsure if HDPE Pipe is suitable for your project? The flexible HDPE pipes are made from high-density thermoplastic polyethylene material and are the most suitable choice for transferring gas and and liquids. Simply contact us and explain to us your project and we will guide you of the correct product for your project. You can check our collection at Pipe-IT and use our products for various purposes.

Why is HDPE better than other piping materials?

  • Works at a wide range of temperatures
  • Rigid, UV-resistant and Eco-friendly material
  • Lightweight- Easy to transport. Non-leaking
  • Lasts for over 50 years - Minimal or no maintenance
  • Resistant to chemical solvents - seismic movements
  • Highly flexible shape - Can be used in any terrain
  • Excellent electricity insulator. Low-friction
  • Seamless and leak-free - Non-stick and smooth surface
  • Higher flow rate because of the smooth surface of the pipe interior


The flexible HDPE pipes are best for irrigational purposes. You can replace conventional steel pipelines with our HDPE pipes that have an impermeable design. Resistance to chemicals and toughness are major reasons for choosing HDPE pipes for irrigation. Besides, leak-free joints ensure no water loss during the flow.
HDPE pipes are of 2 types- inside-controlled and outside-controlled diameters. Our company has different types of HDPE pipes. You can contact our team if you want to buy our products and use HDPE pipes in Irrigation sector.


Professionals use these pipes in the mining industry because they are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. A harsh chemical environment will not damage the pipes.
Heat-fused joints develop a monolithic structure so that you can pull a long pipe from a particular area.

You can use our HDPE for different mining applications:- Water and Tailings transportation, Process slurry, Solution mining, Process water, Heap leaching, Mine dewatering, Dust suppression, Depressurization, Pit dewatering

Our HDPE pipes are corrosion-resistant, so they are widely used in coal mines. You can take advantage of these pipes to transport sulfur water underground. You may also transfer water containing plasma, magnesium, and calcium. The best fact is that our HDPE pipes have longer life when compared to steel pipes.

We had partnered with Paladin Africa for their HDPE requirements at their mine in Kalayakera. We were the only supplier for HDPE pipes and had a wonderful working relationship with them. Paladin opted to buy locally due to the quality of our HDPE Pipes and Compression Fittings.


With high-pressure ratings, HDPE pipes are useful in aquaculture. You can check SDR dimensional ratio to choose HDPE pipes for aquaculture. It is the most crucial parameter representing the pipe's thickness and diameter ratio. A high SDR ratio means thinner pipes. You can contact us if you want to learn more about our HDPE pipes in aquaculture. Our well-constructed pipes last more than 50 years, depending on your usage. We guarantee quality and durability with every HDPE pipe you purchase from our company.

Maldeco Fisheries constructed various fish cages using our HDPE Pipes. They have managed to set up commercial fish farming from Aquaculture.


HDPE pipes are highly useful for drainage and urban water supply. These pipes are manufactured for various pressure rates. As they are chemical resistant, chemicals in the soil will not degrade the pipeline. Besides, they are crack-resistant, so environmental stress cannot damage them.

Why should you choose our HDPE pipes?

  • Our HDPE pipes come with unparalleled hydrostatic strength. Our resilient pipes will have no risk of damage during the high-pressure flow. They are lightweight and can be used for transporting potable water.
  • We have used high-grade polyethylene polymers to ensure flexibility. Due to the smooth surface of the pipe’s interior, you will find reduced frictional losses and higher flow.
  • Inherent flexibility is another factor differentiating our HDPE pipes from other pipes.
  • Our pipes can be laid in any terrain due to their excellent strength.
  • We are the first manufacturer to label each and every meter on our pipe. Our pipes display the type of material, the meter number, the specifications of the size and class of pipe and our Malawi Bureau of Standards mark. The markings create trust between us and our customers to ensure they pay for what they buy.


HDPE pipes can be the right choice for your telecommunication and electrical power cables. We have supplied to the largest players in the telecommunications industry in Malawi. We have manufactured and supplied ribbed fibre optic cable duct pipes to Huawei and Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) These durable and flexible pipes were manufactured as per customers specific requirements of 1000 metre rolls. This is an added advantage for a quick roll out and installation.

Pipe-IT is a reputed HDPE pipe manufacturing company with innovative facilities. We are the only company in Malawi that can manufacture 3 Layer Pipes. Our ultra-modern machinery enables us to provide quality products within the shortest time. You can also order custom-designed pipes that serve your needs. We are authorised distributors for pipe fittings that are essential for your industrial purposes. Within our facility we have a state of the art laboratory where we test our pipes thoroughly before making them available to our clients.


Is your business associated with the irrigation industry, mining sector, or water supply activities? You might have installed HDPE pipes for your business needs. At the same time, HDPE fittings are essential to compliment your current infrastructure. These fittings play an important role while transporting gas and water through the pipelines. You can connect with our team to have high-quality fittings at the most affordable prices. No matter what type of HDPE fittings you need, we will provide you with the best products.

HDPE fittings are small pieces designed to reinforce gas and water pipelines. They are found in various sizes and consist of plastic ring, rubber ring and outer hubs. Most commonly, the size ranges from 20 mm to 110mm. Our HDPE Fittings are manufactured to withstand 16 bars of pressure. 


A coupling is a small piece of fitting used join one pipe to another. Materials used for the coupling is HDPE, the same as that of the pipes. Couplings are removable or can be used permanently. Moreover, you can reduce or increase the internal diameter and use a Reducing Coupling to connect different-sized pipes. Couplings are mandatory when you have more than one pipe that needs joining to another.


Elbows help you redirect the water flow between the pipelines. They are available in a range of angles from 22.5° to 90°. If your pipes have a consistent diameter, you can use normal elbows. But, if your pipes have different diameters, you will need reducing elbows.
90° elbows are the most common fittings positioned between pipes to alter the pipe direction by 90°. Similarly, 45° elbows are ideal for adjusting the direction of the pipe by 45°. We have elbows with both short and long radii. An elbow with a long radius is almost 1.5 times the normal size of the pipe's diameter. This elbow will not cause much loss of pressure. But, it needs more space when compared to the short-radius elbow.


If there is a female threaded pipe on one end, you can connect it to male adapters. The adapter has a threaded section secured to the female part of the pipe. You will get long-term value from our fittings. However, ensure you clean and degrease our fittings to make them long-lasting. Use the right cleaning solution to prevent damage to your pipe's joint.

Why Use Pipe iT Fittings?

  • A flexible design made of high-density plastic is the most important aspect of our fittings. You can install the fittings without any effort. Due to the higher impact strength, our pipe fittings are not easily damaged.
  • Our manufacturers have used rust-proof materials for your fittings. Moreover, you will get a leak-free solution from our company. Besides, our fittings are resistant to UV rays. So, you can choose them for outdoor applications. No organic substances (like fungi and bacteria) will damage the fittings.
  • Our pipe fittings also conform to quality standards and have superior strength manufactured to withstand pressures of upto 16 bars.


A tee is a short connector with a built-in outlet. Angled at 90°, the pipe accessory creates a T-shape. It is the most popular type of pipe fittings designed to collect and distribute the water from the main pipe to two outlets.

So, install our pipe fittings properly and obtain benefits from them. Consult our team to get the estimate for our HDPE fittings for different industries. With an easily installable and leak-proof design, these fittings are available in various sizes. We have a large stock of pipe fittings, so you can surely find the right one for your industrial projects. Optimum finishing and high durability are the main features of our pipe fittings.

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