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HDPE piping has become one of the essentials for different industries, including telecommunications, mining, aquaculture, and water supply. At Pipe-IT, we are the best manufacturer of HDPE pipes. Our pipes are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, allowing smooth flow of liquid, gas and slurry. Excellent properties of flexibility, durability and quality all in one pipe.

HDPE Pipes for Irrigation Sector


Contact our team if you want to use HDPE pipes in Irrigation sector.

HDPE Pipes for Water Supply


Contact our team if you want to use HDPE pipes in Water Supply sector.

HDPE Pipes for Mining Sector


Contact our team if you want to use HDPE pipes in Mining sector.

HDPE pipes for Electrical Sector


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Our Line of ProductsOur products include a full range of fittings such as HDPE male adaptors, female adaptors, tees, couplings, elbows and reducers

Why Pipe-IT?

With our state of the art equipment using cutting edge technology and our talented workforce, we ensure we manufacture only the best HDPE Pipes for both our local customers as well as international. At Pipe iT, our objective is to give you value for money by giving you the right product for the right price without compromising on quality. We are the oldest and most experienced HDPE Pipe manufacturer in Malawi.

Best Quality Products

We believe that hard work has no substitute. At Pipe-IT, we develop quality with our consistent work and effort. Our advanced machinery and manufacturing process will give you long-term value.


It is this quality factor of our pipes that makes Pipe It Pipes demanded by our international customers. We are currently exporting to Mozambique in Africa and are looking to expanding our export market to the rest of Africa, Europe and Asia.


To ensure our customers have access to our products, we have factory shops in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. Personalised delivery may be accomodated.


Pipe IT Manufactures quality pipes following Malawi Bureau of Standards and ISO Standards. We have been accredited with the MS374-3 mark.


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