About us

"A Big Company in a Small Country"

Who are we

  • Located in Malawi, our company started its journey in 2009 with a bang.
  • In 2008, Mr Fardeen Sidik the Managing Director, realised a niche in the market. Whilst he was constructing our head office in Limbe he realised the poor quality pipes that he had purchased locally. The pipes had no fixed diameter and were made from a mixture of low quality and recycled material.
  • Pipe iT was formed in 2009 by Mr Fardeen Sidik with his vision of providing high quality pipes to Malawi and the African Region.
  • Today, with our loyal customer base and the rapid growth of our business, we have expanded our company and increased our product ranges signifacantly. It has become a one-stop destination for HDPE pipes and compression fittings.
  • Moreover, we have a large stock of HDPE pipe fittings for water and gas transmission that maintains international and national standards. We have achieved success by embracing honesty and providing top quality products. Our professionals always nurture their creativity, dynamism, and courage. Our consistent efforts and dedication will enable us to grow our business in the future.
  • Having captured 70% of the market share in the HDPE Pipes industry we are looking to further strengthen our market presence. We believe in innovation and to acquire the latest machinery. This will allow us to continue being a market leader within Malawi as well as enable us to set foot into other African countries


  • Our vision is to remain the primary choice for HDPE Pipes in Malawi. We would like to set foot into neighboring countries by providing complete piping solutions. We aspire to achieve a prestigious position in the pipe manufacturing industry in Africa. At the same time, we want to maintain environmental standards. We set to continuously innovate our products based on future market demands.

Our Mission

  • Pipe-IT aims to maintain the productivity and growth of the business by exceeding its' current 75% market share
  • Minimizing production waste.
  • Developing new products using state of the art equipment.
  • Ensuring minimum damage to the environment by investing in Recycle Technologies.
  • Improving our production processes continuously.
  • Obtaining certificates to maintain international standards.
  • Boosting the quality of our products.
  • Maximising Employee potential by providing advanced training.

Know about our products

  • Our inventory mainly consists of HDPE pipes, which come with exclusive features. We have used pure raw materials to manufacture these pipes. Our crush-resistant and flexible pipes will be highly advantageous for various industrial purposes. Besides, our products are resistant to chemicals or chemically inert. They have special anti-bacterial properties to prevent bacterial infestation. So, you can use HDPE in Water Supply. The pipes will not contaminate the drinking water and water for irrigation.

  • Moreover, easier and faster installation is an added advantage. You can find HDPE pipes with various pressure ratings. So, check our product series to make a bulk purchase.

Why choose us for HDPE pipes?

  • We have quality-oriented, efficient managers to manage our products.
  • Our dynamic team is highly productive.
  • We have sourced the raw materials from our authentic vendors.
  • Our company has invested in modern technology to improve product quality.
  • We are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment.
  • Our team conforms to relevant legal rules.
  • Our lab and manufacturing facility is well-equipped with the latest tools.
  • We develop the best engineering strategy to design our pipes.

Quality control lab

  • We believe that quality is the most important factor for manufacturing HDPE pipes for your industry. So, we have set up a quality control laboratory to experiment on our pipes. Every piece produced by our designers and engineers undergoes a thorough analysis. That is why you will not find a flaw in our pipe’s design. Our aim is to achieve excellence with our meticulous inspection of the pipes.
  • At the same time, our quality control process enables us to stay compliant with the relevant legal rules. So, you will find no compliance problems with our products.
  • We aim to maintain stability and consistency in our products and the manufacturing process. Our professionals are aware of the international and national laws regarding pipe manufacturing projects.

After-sales service and our guarantee

  • Our relationship with our customers does not end just after selling the pipes or pipe fittings. We provide after-sales assistance to ensure you will have no issues with our products. We combine new technologies and innovations for designing our pipes. Our goal is to make sure that our customers do not face any inconvenience during usage. Still, if you have found any complications, our after-sales service providers will assist you in every way.
  • We are ready to replace the defective items after receiving your request. We have a team of experienced inspectors to supervise HDPE pipes before delivering them to our customers. It minimizes the chance of any damage and complications to our products.